A famous gladiator of the Sepbe Arena who first gained renown for surviving his death sentence in the arena (for the crime of murder) by bludgeoning the gladiators sent to kill him to death with his shackles.

He is a half-orc standing broad and tall with powerful, bulging muscles and tattoos across the right arm and shoulder. He rarely appears in armour and wields only simple weapons; he has gained popularity as the ‘underdog’ and ‘crowd favourite’ due to repeatedly defeating opponents better armed and equipped than he.

He is popular for his cunning skill in turning the odds into his favour and makin use of improvised weapons and situations to kill his opponents in creative and often surprising manner.

He is often referred to as ‘blessed of Viius’, suggesting his success in The Arena is a sign of him having favour with The Warrior god of the Pentetheos.

As a gladiator he only had one bar against him.

He was killed by the party on the Western outskirts of Sebpe after they had fled the destruction of the city and found him leading a group of escaped gladiators and tormenting a woman.



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