Gaius has unreasonably pretty Tawny eyes,
mahogany coloured hair, half wild, curly, dropping just below his ears;
and a particularly nice nose.

In the brief moment it takes for his composure to return there is a look to his stare that makes you feel uneasy for no apparent reason you can explain. Then it disappears, replaced by an inviting kindness in his eyes and a near permanent smirk on his lips.

A narrow indigo sash, emblem of the wealthy elite, is wound several times around his waist. His saffron tunic seems to be mostly plain, with only a thin line of embroidery at the seams showing its worth. A small piece of dull metal hanging free at his throat and a signet ring on his right hand are the only adornments.

He bows his head gracefully…


Makes light of every situation. Humorous even when humour would be inappropriate.


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