Harshet Secundus Maios


A lower noble citizen of The Traversing Empire, a successful lanista of The Arena and Iskinder’s current master.

He was a third party to the deal between Master Perfidius and Tolstov in sending the party to retrieve the Scroll of Embayana, in doing so claiming both Iskinder and Sylvia to be his gladiators and therefore his responsibility.

A fair and compassionate master, his is a poor and potentially reckless businessman. After Iskinder’s near-death in The Arena he seemed more concerned with parading the injured gladiator through the city to gain popularity with the crowds than ensuring Iskinder was healed. He was very much subservient to Tolstov and Master Perfidius in their plotting, responding poorly to threats and intimidation.

After hearing news that Iskinder had (allegedly) died on the road to Keesta, he was fearful that the Emporer’s son would see him punished and likely killed for the loss of the gladiator, as the Prince was attempting to gain popularity with the common folk through Iskinder’s fame.

He fled the city of Sebpe in disgrace, selling his estate’s to the Black Wing sect and freeing all his slaves and gladiators from debt and chain. Moved by his selfless compassion and fairness as a master, the freed slaves and gladiators opted to escort him from the city and north to Kythacia, this ensuring his safety on the road.


Harshet Secundus Maios

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