Approximately 5’9" not tall, but not short. Relatively slender, but wiry. Maybe 170lbs.

He has black hair to a little short of shoulder length, that is swept back and slightly oily, either by design, or lack of cleanliness. Roughly unshaven, with a beard, also black, but greying in places. Clear facial scars on either cheek from a previous ‘adventure’.

He’s likely early 30s.

He’s wearing a raw cotton long sleeved tunic, with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. He’s also wearing a padded leather jerkin, that was once green, but is now oiled and worn to a much darker shade of brown, belted closed with a scabbard that holds a short sword. He’s wearing plain trousers and relatively simple flat soled leather boots, but not sandals, as many do.

Across both hands and visible on both forearms are a large collection of tattoos, both big and small. Others can be seen around his neckline.



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