Greca Major

Greca Major is a region of the continent Nazca consisting of several hundred relatively independent city-states, making it unique to other contemporary societies, which are either tribal or monarchic.

This situation largely formed due to the geography of the region - divided and sub-divided by hills, mountains, and rivers – which contributed to the fragmentary nature of Greca Major.

On the one hand, the people of this region have no doubt that they are "one people"; they share the same belief and worship of the Elladanian Pantheon, the same basic culture, the same language. They are also very aware of their tribal origins and indeed each city-state can be extensively categorised the by tribe.

Yet, although these higher-level relationships existed, the independence of the city-states is fiercely defended; unification is something rarely contemplated. It is however now unknown for the city-states to ally themselves to defend Greca Major however invariably after each successive military victory, the allies quickly return to infighting.

Greca Major

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