The god of knowledge and wisdom worshipped by the people of the Genkhis Region.

He rarely reveals himself in his godly divinity, most often appearing as a stooped old man wearing worn-through robes and with bare feet, often with a brimmed hat and a staff at his side.

As such, it has become common among the people of the Genkhis Region to avoid wearing such brimmed hats and to show great respect to any travellers thus garbed, for fear of accidentally offending the god himself (as has, on occasion, been known to happen, with terrible consequences for the offender).

A brilliant and cunning wielder of magic, he is known to often battle with the Genkhis god of war and beasts, Bema, and often there can be similar fractious incidents between worshippers of the two.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Symbol: A wizard's hat

Suggested Domain: Knowledge, Trickery


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