The Pentetheos

A pantheon of five gods widely worshiped throughout The Traversing Empire.

Gatnia, the Farmer (Green), a goddess (NG), symbol; sheaf of wheat, suggested domain; nature, life
Worshipped in the Temple of Industry, often through the planting of seeds and harvest of growth

Eznir, the Scholar (Blue), a god (LN), symbol; a quill and scroll, suggested domain; knowledge
Worshipped in the Temple of Knowledge often through the writing, scribing and research.

Kentarr, the Merchant (Gold), a god (CN), symbol; scales of balance, suggested domain; trickery
Worshipped in the Temple of Profit often through the giving of coins and jewels

Viius, the Warrior (Grey), a god (CE), symbol; a double-headed axe, suggested domain; war, death
Worshipped in the Temple of War often through the giving of blood and sweat

Inara, the Lover (Red), a goddess (TN) symbol; a rose, suggested domain; life, trickery
Worshipped in the Temple of Desire often through acts of a sexual nature (including both heterosexual and homosexual intercourse)

The Pentetheos

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