The Traversing Empire

The ancient Empire which controls much of the southern parts of the continent Nazca, along with various islands and colonies elsewhere. It is due to the widespread reach of its territories that it has come to be known as the Traversing Empire.

The founding of the Empire is unknown; it can be traced back into The First Age, although much of the histories of such time are held secret, or are lost or destroyed.

The capital of the Empire is across the ocean in the western continent and as such much of its politics and trade function independently of the capital, initially due the length and difficulty of travel and then through deep-rooted tradition.

The Empire is extremely wealthy and it is not uncommon for gold and precious jewels to be adorned on every day clothing. Slavery is common in the Empire, as are magical items that allow communication and travel over great distances, thus allowing the nation to run and manage its affairs remotely. The Empire is known for loving fine foods and wines, and those who live well often live a luxurious life of silks and sumptuous dishes.

Punishment for crime is harsh, including branding the forehead to mark someone as untrustworthy, cutting off hands and feet for more heinous crimes, and capital punishment in The Arena games for the worse transgressions. The Empire has a long history of entertaining its people with Arena shows, which take place in large circular amphi-theatres and involve bloody battles between gladiators, beasts, dis-honoured slaves and criminals.

The religion in the Empire also differs from elsewhere in the world; worshippers maintain that there are five gods only and the religious practices, including the cutting of skin to drain blood and engaging in sexual activities with the temple staff, are a wide-spread source of misunderstanding and disgust amongst many not familiar with the traditions of the Empire. The gods of the Empire are known collectively as The Pentetheos.

The current ruler of the Empire is Emperor Psametik, although he lives and rules from the Empire's capital over the sea on the Western continent.

His only child and heir, his son Atekhramun recently matured to adulthood, will shortly be inheriting the responsibility of managing and ruling The Traversing Empire's eastern territories, which he will do from the Empire's main political and military stronghold to the East, the city of Sepbe, where he was raised.

The Traversing Empire

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