Prince Atekhramun


The only child and son of Emperor Psametik, current ruler of The Traversing Empire, and heir to the Empire.

A young man new to adulthood, he was raised by his mother in the city of Sepbe (rather than in the capital in the western continent with his father).

Due to the relative secrecy of his youth imposed by the family’s rigid protection of their privacy, little is known of his character or political interests, although as he is now due to inherit the responsibility of managing and ruling the Empire’s eastern territories it is believed he will soon show his nature to the citizens of the Empire.

His first public appearance he made alone at the opening on this season’s games, blessing The Arena by offering his own blood to formally open the games in a ceremony known as blooding the sand.

However in the first official match the Nothic chosen by Viius to defeat the gladiator representing the savage tribal nations, after spotting him, suddenly leapt out of The Arena and up towards him to attack; it was heard by Pit shouting “Imposter” in Undercommon. The creature was slain and the Prince escaped, but in the bedlam and panic that ensued many died and the games had to be postponed until the next day.


Prince Atekhramun

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