Lady Isabella Trent


An explorer and naturalist described by some as pioneering and inspired, while others call her eccentric and outlandish, Lady Trent has nevertheless become one of the world’s leading authorities on natural history and in particular dracology and dragon-lore.

She is most widely known for her published works;

‘The Anatomy of Dragons’, SA 1333

‘Between Chromatic and Metallic’, SA 1342

‘The Hypogean Genus’, SA 1350

‘Of the Lost People’, SA 1354

Now aged 52 (the current year being SA 1360) she is currently studying slavery in The Traversing Empire, focussing on the historical dominance of dragon-born gladiators in The Arena and attempting to determine why these dragon-born have emerged as the more successful combatants in the games and competitions.

Her studies are leading her to the somewhat radical notion that the harsh nature of slavery in the Empire and the arena games has led to the ‘semi-selective breeding’ of dragon-born people and the creation of a ‘superior sub-race’ of dragon-born among the gladiators.


Lady Isabella Trent

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